Elle Gamboa - Photography & Film

Los Angeles - San Francisco - Brooklyn

  • Portrait Photography

    I offer headshots and portrait photography for models, actors, business professionals, and families. We can shoot in any outdoor location or in the studio.

  • Fashion Photography

    I have been shooting clothing designs & accessories with NYC and California designers through the years. I am available for catalog and editorial fashion shoots.

  • Videography & Video Editing

    Need a high-quality video to promote your brand and deliver your message to your target audience ? Our short & effective videos are affordable for use on social media channels.

  • Wedding Proposal Photography

    I will shoot your wedding proposal in both digital stills and video in my favorite shooting spots in San Diego, Los Angeles, San Francisco, & New York City. I know these cities very well from my previous career as a movie photographer.

My portfolio

Below are images from some of my latest shoots and video work.

Short Bio about Me

Short Bio about Me

My name is Elle Gamboa and I loved what I do. Photographing people and places and documenting life is my passion. Working in the photography business brings me joy as it makes my clients happy.

How I got started ? I was only 14 when I started shooting with a Nikon film camera which was given to me by a Geographic photographer in Manila as compensation for assisting. A year later I learn how to process film & print black & white photos. At 17, I shot my first wedding shooting 16mm B/W film with a French movie camera with no sound. My wedding client was amazed with the results. I was really scared that I would messed up but thanks to my European mentor I survived.

For a year, I made a good living shooting beauty pageants & Chinese weddings with my best friend. We did this type of work so we can buy better equipment. The highlight of my young photo career was when I offered to shoot the Miss Universe beauty pageant. With the money I saved I then moved to the States to improved my art. I studied drawing & photography.

Another stroke of fortune. I got an offer to work as a movie set photographer for a film shooting lasting 3-4 months.I got this connection through a producer I met in some random party in Orange Co. I worked for a famous Chinese producer named Tsui Hark and the actor was Jet Li. Working on movie sets takes long hours and hard work. Movie making is not glamorous when you are dead tired working a 14-16 hour day the whole week....Story to be continued..